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Fascial Stretch Technique (FST)




Technique d'étirement fascial

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Les fascias sont des tissus conjonctifs entourant les muscles, les os et les organes.  L’étirement des fascias va plus en profondeur qu’un étirement musculaire régulier.

What is FST™ (Fascial Stretch Therapy)?


FST™ is a table-based assisted stretching service. The intention upon receiving your individualized FST™session is that you leave feeling reduced tension and stress. It removes aches and pains caused by tension, tightness, and stiffness.  FST™is for people of all ages, provided they are cleared by there physician for stretching and active movement.

Initial FST™ Consultation

During your initial FST™ consultation, you will experience FST™and together discuss different frequency options based on your needs and goals to come up with your best plan moving forward. 

Please allow 60 minutes for your initial consultation.

After your initial consultation, FST™Session can be purchased in a single session or in a package of 3.

​What are some of the benefits experienced in as little as 3 sessions?

  • It is pain-free

  • Reduced Stress

  • Improved Sleep

  • Improved Posture and appearance

  • Increase Mobility, flexibility, and range of motion

  • Compliments other training and therapy methods


For more information about the creators, courses, and the science behind FST™ visit

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What is FST?

Quest-ce que le FST?

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